Interactive character engages children via their favorite YouTube videos embedded in the app, interactive cartoons, and games.
Characters for different personality types. Tabi is more liked by analytic-avert kids. Moon for active and restless children. Foxy is their friend and liked by everyone.
By creating an interactive story with our character we maintain the child’s retention. Fun interactive content also keeps kid’s attention preparing him/her for educational modules.

TABI LAND is an everyday app that

  • Stops gadget being a passive device

  • Creates adaptive learning model to meet child’s skill level and abilities

  • Models a hunger for exploration approach in kid

  • Provides parent with seamless control and progress feedback of child’s sessions

  • Opens personalised and quality preschool development to masses

Adaptive learning app for preschoolers.

Determines child abilities and skills and personalizes a learning program in a continuous gamified manner without parental engagement.

Tabi’s Parent mode for invisible remote control over the kid’s screen time.